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The joke of Mr. Gulf, 100 WC week #16

‘It’s not like last year’, he thought 

On a dark  and stormy night Mr. Gulf was sitting in his humdrum office waiting for his partner Sir Aurthur Cadogan. Mr. Gulf heard a knock, and in came his partner “Is it done” asked Aurthur in a concerned tone. ‘It’s not like last year’, he thought “We don’t  have the resources to pull it off”. There was a long pause, finally Mr. Gulf broke it ” I’m sorry about your predicament, but the computer was stolen and we can’t get it back” “We have to” yelled aurthur. ” Ok here” Mr. Gulf handed him the computer, it was all a joke.

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  1. asimp21

    Hello i am Ashton i think you story was funny but needs more context

    • dpeterson

      Ashton, could you suggest a “for example” or explain a bit more what you mean in your comment?

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