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6th Grade was a good year. My favorite part was the lock-in, we played games, had good food, and won prizes. The teachers were great. My locker number was 144. Overall it was great. I can’t wait for 7th Grade!

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  1. clewi21

    I also loved the lock in! I sadly didn’t win any thing though 🙁 .

  2. mlowe21

    Hello Jayden its Matthew, I agree, I can’t wait for 7th Grade!

  3. npear21

    Why was were locker were favorite part of year.

  4. asimp21

    I loved the lock in it was so much fun to run all around the school.

  5. ethom21

    I loved the lock in too. But you got a locker!

  6. rgarr21

    Same the lock in was so fun even tough i did not win anything i still had a fun time

  7. agree21

    I can’t wait for 7th as well, I wonder what it will be like?

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